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AgriDigital digitises all key processes and communications of our site. With the ability to create and manage deliveries, orders and inventory, with customer notifications in real time.

When you utilise our services at GrainCell for storage you will receive a free AgriDigital account.

Through your AgriDigital account you will be able to view contracts, deliveries, invoices as well as create transfers.


AgriDigital automatically sends real-time email notifications to growers for the following;

  • New contract with a buyer who uses AgriDigital,
  • RCTI has been processed by a buyer on AgriDigital,
  • Deliveries to a site operator using AgriDigital.

Once a grower has activated their AgriDgitial account they will get a real-time text message when a delivery has been received as well.

Notifications will be sent to the grower’s email address and mobile number that is associated to the NGR number. If these details are updated with NGR, the site operator must re-sync with NGR via AgriDigital which will import new grower records, as well as update existing details.

View Your Deliveries and Inventory

You will be able to view your delivery tickets and your inventory. Real time ownership reporting.

Transfers to a Buyer

Seamless delivery onto cash prices with real time notifications back to the buyer.

View Buyer Prices

Click the link below to view buyer prices.

AgriDigital Login